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Jun 16, 2018

So often we think of the long-term benefits of following our eating boundaries, but we completely ignore the short-term benefits. That's because we're too busy focused on the short-term disadvantages--not being able to eat those out-of-the-boundary treats!

In today's quick tip episode we'll talk about the short-term benefits of following our boundaries.

If you'd like to read the blog post that I mentioned in this episode of the podcast, click here: Can Habits Produce Immediate Results? Also, check out Val's other resources at

Getting a Start on Truth Journaling: Begins 6/19/2018

This will be a two-week class led by Robyn Martin through a weight loss focused Facebook group. They’ll spend one week working through question in I Deserve a Donut (And Other Lies That Make You Eat) and one week truth journaling.  Click here to join the group.

Freedom from Emotional Eating Online Bible Study: Begins 6/18/2018, led by Sonja Needham

I announced this as a Taste for Truth study but just found out that I misunderstood and it's a Freedom from Emotional Eating study! This will be an 8 week Facebook study. Click here to join the group. 

Taste for Truth Online Bible Study: Begins 6/26/2018, led by Robyn Martin

This will be a Facebook study. Click here to join the group. They will have an introductory week and then 11 weeks of study but you’re welcome to join before the study begins and get involved in the group! The class will be going through Taste for Truth: A 30 Day Online Bible Study.


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