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Oct 21, 2020

Have you ever lost weight and then gained the last 5 or 10 pounds back? Or lost a bunch of weight and then stalled at the last 5 or 10 pounds? Join me in this victory and coaching interview with Anne as she talks about her weight loss victory and losing the last 10 pounds.

Things we Talked About:

  • Is setting food boundaries effective?
  • How Anne finds time to do Bible studies and renew her mind
  • How has the pandemic affected Anne’s eating habits?
  • What would be a good reason to lose that last 10 pounds?
  • What are the benefits of having self-control as opposed to just ignoring boundaries for a part of the day?
  • How to follow your boundaries
  • Anne’s biggest takeaway on what can help her get back on track to losing the last 10 pounds

Quotable Quotes:

Once I start controlling the food, I have more time and space to connect with God because I’m not overcome with guilt and I’m not trying to live in secrecy. - Anne

Once I start making those little changes, other bigger changes that I want in life start to happen. - Anne

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