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Welcome to the podcast! For more help with weight loss, check out my blog at


Welcome to the Taste for Truth Podcast! I'm hoping this podcast will encourage you on your weight loss journey. We'll have interviews with people who have lost weight, people who are still struggling with weight loss, and also Christian weight loss authors and coaches. 

I'm your host, Barb Raveling, and I struggled with my weight for 25 years. It was that one thing I thought I'd never break free from because I'd been struggling for so long. I was wrong. God set me free 10 years ago through the renewing of the mind. Since then, I've written several books on the subject. I'll include links to those books below, along with some links to other helpful resources.

Weight Loss Books and Bible Studies

Taste for Truth: A 30 Day Weight Loss Bible Study is focused on the lies that make us eat, body image, and the weight loss process. If your main goal is to lose weight, this is the Bible study I would start with. I wrote the book to go with I Deserve a Donut, and it’s best used alongside that book. I Deserve a Donut is also available as a free iPhone and Android app.

I Deserve a Donut (And Other Lies That Make You Eat) is a renewing of the mind resource to use in the midst of temptation and also to prepare yourself for temptation. I use it all the time, just for regular life. It contains 36 sets of questions and over 150 Bible verses that you can use to have conversations with God about life and food. The questions and Bible verses will help you renew your mind, taking off the lies that make you eat and putting on the truth that will set you free. It’s also available as a free app.

Freedom from Emotional Eating: A 40 Day Weight Loss Bible Study is more focused on emotional eating. Although there is material on boundaries and breaking free from the control of food, most of the book is devoted to learning how to let go of negative emotions. The comment I get most often with this book is that yes, it helped me with eating, but it helped me even more with letting go of my negative emotions.

Other Helpful Resources

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