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Feb 16, 2022

Breaking free from sugar cravings and managing your weight is about more than diet and exercise. Sugar is highly addictive and requires multiple steps to break free from its bondage. In this podcast episode, I am interviewing Katrina Sequenzia; Katrina is a Certified Health Coach and Registered Nurse on a mission to help Christians fulfill their God-given purpose by sharing the tools and resources to live a healthy lifestyle. 


Katrina shares Seven Habits To Stop Sugar Cravings in today's interview, based on the signature framework from her life-changing programs. By the end of this episode, you will understand why some foods are more addictive than others, the impact that food and stress have on our bodies, and how you can begin the process of healing from your food and sugar addiction. 


Episode Highlights:


  • [00:01:17] Understanding why we become addicted to sugar and other foods? Katrina breaks down the spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of cravings.


  • [00:03:48] The body’s chemical reaction to sugar and why we were created to love sweets.


  • [00:04:48] Dopamine is the feel-good chemical that our brains release, but can we have too much of a good thing? Katrina explains why the answer is Yes!


  • [00:08:24] Have you ever wondered why diet and exercise sometimes fail to produce results? Katrina and I discuss why and you should avoid extreme diets and fads. 


  • [00:15:49] Katrina reveals the Seven Habits To Stop Sugar Cravings and provides a deeper insight into kicking the sugar habit once and for all.


  • [00:18:14] The importance of relaxation and hydration and how it can help or hinder us in our journey.


  • [00:19:15] Sleep and movement and why it's more important than you think.


  • [00:24:03] Where to start your weight loss journey and how to use Katrina's framework to lay the foundation to healing your relationship with sugar.


  • [00:24:58] Special gift for podcast listeners. 


Key Takeaways:


  • When we attempt to break free from the bondage of food addiction, we often start with exercise and food preparation. Still, the areas that are often ignored make the most impact in our journeys, like putting our faith front and center, rest, and relaxation, to name a few. 
  • Food isn't the enemy- the goal of any program should be to develop a relationship with the glorious foods that were created to be consumed according to God's instruction.

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