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May 21, 2019

Do you ever rebel against losing weight because you just can’t stand following the rules? Do you feel like other people want you to lose weight, and that kind of bugs you? Do you hate authority, especially when it comes to diets and weight loss boundaries? If so, this podcast will help! We’ll talk about what to do when you want to lose weight but hate following rules. 


In this coaching interview, I visit with Trish about how to change your mindset towards rules and authority so you don’t really mind having weight loss boundaries and may even learn to love them. 


Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss: 


  • Why it’s important to associate consequences with breaking weight loss boundaries 
  • Authority: Is it good or bad? What makes it good or bad? 
  • Why parents and significant others often want us to lose weight 
  • How to not let it bother us when people want us to lose weight 
  • How to change our attitude towards weight loss boundaries or rules 
  • How focusing on renewing our minds rather than following our boundaries can keep us from feeling like failures when we break our boundaries. 


Resources Mentioned on the Podcast 

  • I Deserve a Donut (and Other Lies That Make You Eat) 
  • Taste for Truth Bible Study 
  • I Deserve a Donut app (There is an internal link at my blog for this – you can find it under the weight loss tab.) 

How to Listen to the Podcast: