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Nov 18, 2020

Today on the Taste for Truth Podcast, I’m excited to visit with Dory about her Thin Within weight loss story. Dory lost twenty pounds using Thin Within’s hunger/satisfaction boundaries. She shares the struggles and victories along the way in this interview.  She also shares examples of some of the truth cards she made to help her renew her mind. (Keep scrolling to see those.) Here are a few of the things we discuss on the podcast:

Things We Talked About:

  • Why Dory felt like she couldn’t trust herself around food
  • What Dory realized the day she moved out of her family home for 25 years
  • How did Dory do on her hunger-fullness boundaries?
  • Dory’s hunger and fullness signals
  • Handling emotional eating
  • Dory’s ways to renewing her mind
  • Did Dory feel like quitting?
  • How Dory saw God’s love through this experience
  • Dory’s advice for someone who’s weight has been going up and down

Quotable Quotes:

“What I really try to do is taste my food and use my senses and take in–more than just ingesting but actually take in– that this experience is such a blessing and enjoy my food.” – Dory

“The biggest thing is giving myself permission to ask questions.” – Dory

Resources We Talked About on the Podcast: