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Jan 30, 2019

Do you ever find yourself eating too much at dinner? Do you ever feel uncomfortable at social gatherings and console yourself with food? Do you feel like you’re wasting time at some event and eat to while the time away? In today’s Taste for Truth podcast episode, I’ll be coaching Becky McGeorge about these subjects.  


Here is a sampling of the topics we’ll be discussing: 

  • eating too much at meals 
  • failure eating 
  • overeating at social gatherings 
  • eating because you feel uncomfortable at social gatherings 
  • how the I Deserve a Donut failure eating questions can help you avoid a binge 
  • how to renew your mind before social events 
  • how to think differently about social events you don’t want to be at 
  • how God can use social events for your good if you’re a person who would rather be working on your to-do list rather than going to the social event 

We also discuss the following lies: 

  • This social gathering will take a long time. I need something (food) to occupy me. 
  • I’m a little uncomfortable here. I’ll feel better if I eat.  
  • I should be using my time better (than being at this social gathering). 
  • I’m wasting my time here (so I should eat). 

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