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Sep 15, 2021

Do you find yourself turning to food when life is stressful? Do you find it hard to recommit to healthy eating after breaking your boundaries over and over again? Did you know that truth journaling is a powerful tool to help with both of these things?

woman stress-eating cupcakes | stop stress eating

On today's episode of the Taste for Truth podcast, I talk with Stacie, a registered nurse, who has been finding it increasingly difficult to handle all of the recent stress in her life without turning to food. Stacie is new to the idea of the renewing of the mind and truth journaling, so we get to go pretty in-depth on the practical steps of truth journaling.

Lies We Discussed on this Episode

1. Food calms me down after a hard discussion.

2. Food is a good comforter.

3. I have no control of my food right now.

4. Life is so stressful now I can't follow my diet.

5. I might as well break my boundaries now and start again tomorrow.

6. This is going to make me feel better.

7. This is just what I need.


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