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Feb 10, 2021

Are you someone who doesn’t know how to deal with negative emotions in a positive way? Do you find alcohol numbing and emotional eating attractive when you’re under stress? If you’re finding it difficult to handle stress and worry, join this episode and be inspired as Jana shares her journey to losing 82 pounds on Weight Watchers.

Jana has been amazing with keeping it up with her weight loss program for six years. Admitted to having had an alcohol and binge drinking problem to numb emotional pain, she surrendered her life to God, and through the Holy Spirit’s conviction, her alcohol addiction had rapidly left. However, having that removed, all of a sudden, her habit of drinking away the pain has morphed into binge eating. As her weight skyrocketed, she got introduced to a weight-loss program called Weight Watchers which began her weight-loss journey.

Things We Talked About:

  • How Jana had the opportunity to put an end to her binge drinking and alcoholism by accepting the Holy Spirit into her life
  • What Jana did when she gained the weight back to lose it again
  • Dealing with alcoholism and emotional eating
  • How Jana deals with stress
  • Lies that Jana commonly believe in
  • How Jana handles a negative emotion
  • Is Jana still struggling to turn to food during stressful times?
  • Does Jana still follow the Weight Watchers boundaries for maintenance?
  • Jana’s advice to someone like her way back years ago

Quotable Quotes:

“I was impressed with the Holy Spirit saying, it’s not too late to try.” - Jana

“Believe that God has got this under control, no matter what it is. That’s where your comfort should be.” - Jana

Resources We Talked About on the Podcast:

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