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Mar 10, 2021

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to choose weight loss boundaries? Or do you fear that if you choose something as simple as "3 meals a day" for your boundaries, that you won't lose weight? On this episode of the Taste for Truth Podcast, I go over how to use 3 Meals a Day as an effective boundary for losing weight.

How it Works

For this set of boundaries to be effective for weight loss, you would need to:

  1. Eat only 3 meals per day, plus one or two snacks (if needed),
  2. Not have second helpings, unless planned,
  3. Try to eat as little as possible at each meal.

How to Renew

As with any set of boundaries, it is important to renew your mind when you break your boundaries. For the 3 Meals Per Day, boundaries, you would need to renew:

  1. Every time you have an extra meal or snack,
  2. Every time you have an unplanned second helping

If you're still not losing after a couple of weeks, consider adding a 3rd time to renew your mind: every time you find yourself eating as much as possible rather than as little as possible. (Don't try this "as little as possible" idea, though, if you have anorexic tendencies.)

Truth journal or answer a set of questions from I Deserve a Donut or the Renewing of the Mind Project in writing every time you break your boundaries. Here are the examples of truth journaling that I mentioned on the podcast:

If You Don't Find Yourself Losing

  1. At the end of the day, think back to what you ate and count calories or points to see if you're eating too much to lose weight.
  2. Consider giving up your problem foods altogether (sweets, for example) or limiting them in some way. I discuss several ways to limit them on the podcast.