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Sep 12, 2023

Shouldn't food be simple? In our minds, we believe it should be, and yet - in daily life - so many of us find food and sugar addiction to be very complicated to overcome. Today on the Taste for Truth Podcast (links below), Tammy and I discuss different factors that contribute to our struggles with problem foods and overeating, and how renewing our minds helps us to break free once and for all.

What We Discussed on the Podcast

  • How past trauma and currents stressors push us to cope with the pain through addictions
  • How our identity and body image contribute to the binge cycle
  • How we can reframe our thinking in regards to foods that we've given up, either for a time or for good
  • Why any one way of eating alone is not the real answer to our food struggles
  • How to apply the skills we've learned in overcoming other trials in our lives to our problem with food
  • How to dismantle lifelong food strongholds


Resources Discussed on the Podcast

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