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Mar 27, 2019

You know what it's like. You finish dinner, clean up the dishes, and sit down to relax. That's when the cookies start calling your name. Or the ice cream. Or the chips. It's hard to say no to their insistent voices because you're tired of saying no all day. In today's podcast, Kimberly Taylor will give us some help with saying no and overcoming night eating.

Kim blogs at and she recently did a session on overcoming night eating with her blog members. She asked everyone why they ate at night and came up with three groups of people:

1. Soothers. The soothers eat to ease their emotions. They may be stressed, lonely, or emotionally distraught in some other way and eating makes them feel better.

2. Sleepy Eaters. Sleepy eaters eat because they're tired and feel like they need a little pick-me-up to make it through the night.

3. Social Eaters. Social eaters eat because their spouses or kids or friends are eating and they want to join in the fun.

Kimberly tells us that what we really need to do if we want to overcome night eating is to ask the question, "What do I need?" then listen for the answer. Usually the answer won't be food!

On the podcast, Kim gives lots of examples and practical tips for each of these groups of nighttime eaters.