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Dec 16, 2020

Struggling with weight loss for the longest time? Overwhelmed with a lot of programs out there? Confused because you felt like nothing really works for you? You’re not alone. Listen up as Angela Pryor talks about her struggles in her weight loss journey and how she came about losing 80 pounds with God’s help, just accepting him into her life and acknowledging his agenda.

Angie is a reader of I Deserve a Donut (And Other Lies That Make You Eat): A Christian Weight Loss Resource book. She renewed her mind with the questions she found in the book and by meditation. She has been on the weight loss journey since she was 12 and found herself struggling with every weight loss program that she tried until she finally found Bright Lines Eating and accepted it as God’s gift. She shares how meditation with scriptures helped her follow her boundaries.

Things We Talked About:

  • Is Angie still following the Bright Lines Eating guidelines?
  • Angie talks about her struggles with insecurities and overeating in her weight loss journey 
  • How Bright Lines Eating not only helped Angie with her weight loss but also with her lung disease
  • What Angie does if she broke her boundaries especially at the beginning of the program
  • How having a goal to renew the mind changed the way Angie thought about food
  • Making the commitment to renew, not just following boundaries
  • Ways Angie renewed her mind
  • How often did Angie renew her mind then and now to follow her boundaries
  • What does God want to teach Angie with her experience?
  • How God showed Angie his love during her experience
  • Angie on loving herself
  • Angie’s advice to someone struggling with weight loss

Quotable Quotes:

“Only the Word of God sets free, not boundaries.”

“Whatever God gives you to seek him, that’s the way you would have to renew your mind.” - Angie

“Meditation on God’s Word replaces those thoughts that come from the enemy”- Angie

Resources We Talked About on the Podcast:

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