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Dec 28, 2022

Do you feel like you are addicted to food? Do you find yourself eating to manage the stress in your life? If so, you will be encouraged by this victory interview on the Taste for Truth Podcast (links below). I speak with Karen Seager about using the renewing of the mind to finally let go of her emotional eating.

What We Discussed on the Podcast

  • Family sin patterns and how they affect our lives
  • How food can be an addiction just like other substances
  • How emotional "habiting" keeps us from gaining spiritual maturity
  • The importance of overcoming condemnation on our journey to food freedom
  • How lies we believe fuel our negative emotions
  • Overcoming lies with truth journaling and the renewing of the mind
  • Identifying the messages that loop through our minds frequently
  • How overcoming the struggle with food is a new way of thinking

Resources Mentioned on the Podcast

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