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May 22, 2024

On this episode of the Taste for Truth podcast, I am doing something different and kind of fun! I decided to do a mish-mash of sorts of a few different episodes. I'll be doing a meditation from my book Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating ("It would be crazy not to eat this!"), and then also a series of "Ask Barb" questions that I've received from listeners. There a variety of topics covered, but all of them are centered around eating habits for ourselves or others. I hope you find something that is helpful and encouraging!


I also wanted to mention that I will be tapering off and ultimately ending the Taste for Truth podcast sometime in the near future. Don't worry -  I will still be doing my Christian Habits Podcast, and all of the past Taste for Truth episodes will still be available! I am just at a place in my life where I am needing to find a work-life balance that is sustainable, and going down to one podcast seems like a very helpful way to do that.

I am also planning to give online course creation a try. If you are interested in staying informed about that, click here.

Lastly, my online Philippians Bible study is still going on (as of May 2024). If you'd like to join in for the last 3-4 sessions, click here for more information!

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