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Mar 21, 2023

Do you feel hopeless that you will never be able to get over your food addiction? Have you had success with weight loss in the past only to find yourself back at the same (or higher) weight again? If either of these describe you, you will be greatly encouraged by my interview with Debbie on today's Taste for Truth Podcast (links below). Debbie went from a size 28 to a size 12 and has been living in victory for over six years!

In this interview, Debbie and I go through many of the lies that she has had to overcome in her journey. I've listed these below along with their corresponding truths.

Debbie's List of Lies & Truths

1. You'll never be good enough.

  • Truth: You don't have to be good enough, Jesus is.

2. You'll never be accepted.

  • Truth: Jesus accepts you as you are, and honestly, most other people also accept you as you are!

3. Food has to taste good.

  • Truth: Food has to be good for me and nourish my body.

4. It's not fair.

  • Truth: It's an opportunity to grow closer to God.
  • Truth: Everyone has something that they struggle with.

5. More is better.

  • Truth: Less is better for me because I feel better.

6. Truth Journaling won't work unless I do it perfectly.

  • Truth: There is no such thing as perfect.
  • Truth: Mistakes are part of learning.

7. You're a failure.

  • Truth: I'm not a failure! Mistakes are part of learning.

8. I can't do this.

  • Truth: God can, and I am depending on His strength to change me.

9. I'm a horrible person and I feel ashamed.

  • Truth: God loves me as I am, and I am actually a wonderful person even though this area of my life may be a struggle.

What We Discussed on the Podcast

  • How eating was a numbing drug for Debbie
  • How an "all-or-nothing" or perfectionist personality plays into weight loss efforts
  • Deep insecurity from years of being overweight
  • Learning to forgive culture for not accepting people who are overweight
  • How Debbie truth-journaled about body image before actually journaling about food
  • "I didn't know how important the truth was until it set me free."
  • Learning to listen when we bring our lies and our thoughts before God
  • Truth journaling to get rid of mental commotion
  • Debbie's four big takeaways from her weight-loss journey
  • Grace over guilt

Resources Mentioned on the Podcast

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