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Jan 30, 2024

Many of us turn to food when we are bored, or when we want to avoid a project we know we should be doing! Unfortunately, this can easily become an unhealthy pattern that leads to weight-gain and out-of-control eating. If you're all too familiar with this struggle and want to stop the cycle of boredom eating, my episode today on the Taste for Truth Podcast should be helpful (links below)!

Share an Update!

I also wanted to mention that I'm excited to try something a little different for a few episodes of the Taste for Truth Podcast. I would love to have updates and "victory moments" from people that I've interviewed over the years! If you would be willing, go to this website and record a brief message letting us know how you're doing! This is not an interview at all, it would just be you recording whatever you'd like to say in a short message - I think the limit is 4 minutes. Anyway, I think it'd be so fun and encouraging to hear how everyone is doing! Give it a try!

What We Discussed on the Podcast

  • How often our childhood shapes our interactions with food
  • Non-diet boundaries
  • Why sometimes we should first begin renewing our minds NOT about food or eating
  • The emotional toll of procrastination
  • How to renew your minds about specific situations
  • What it means to hold losing weight with an "open hand"

Resources Mentioned on the Podcast

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