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Oct 4, 2017

We'll discuss the following questions from listeners in this episode of the Taste for Truth Podcast:

  • How to tame the sweets monster and change our thinking in the area of those foods we have a hard time saying no to
  • How to change our desires and get to those root lies that fuel our desires (see below for something I forgot to add to the podcast on this)
  • What to do when you have group accountability and everyone else is breaking your boundaries, but you're following them.
  • How to choose boundaries when part of me wants them and part of me doesn't want them.
  • How to go from dieting to lifelong boundaries when they look and feel like the same thing.

Things I forgot to say on the podcast:

Whenever I do a podcast like this, I often think of things I should have said afterward, but it's too hard to go back in and retape it to include those things--so when that happens (and it will only happen on podcasts that I do myself rather than interviews), I'll include that info on the blog post!

I realized afterward that I might not have fully answered Karina's question. The way you get to the bottom line lie is to keep journaling about the same things over and over again - the more you renew your mind about them, the more the lies will be revealed.

Here's an example: In Taste for Truth Bible Study, I ask people to do the "I'll Start Tomorrow" questions probably 4 or 5 times in a week-long period. One woman told me that the assignment really annoyed her, but she did it, and every time she answered the questions God seemed to give her a new layer of truth, revealing more insights.

I also find that sometimes when I'm truth journaling, God will reveal another lie I believe while I'm journaling the truth. When He does that, I just write it down and journal the truth for that lie as well. In those situations, I don't realize I'm believing that lie until halfway through the journaling process.

I also wanted to mention that I also stop podcasts when I'm listening to them and someone shares an insight that's helpful to me. So for example, when I was listening to the podcast I mentioned on today's episode, I stopped the podcast and thought about how those insights from Peter related to weight loss and also to my own life in the things I want to change and talked to God about that for a bit. When I was through, I turned the podcast back on and continued listening. I might have paused it 3 or 4 times during the podcast to talk to God.

So anyway, I hope those things are helpful. I'll be doing another Ask Barb Podcast on November 1st to finish up the questions from this podcast, so let me know if you have any questions by emailing me through the contact tab at

Update: Just wanted to let you guys know I listened to the interview with Peter Shankman again the other day and wanted to encourage you to listen to it as well. I really think it's helpful for weight loss as well even though the podcast is on productivity!

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