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Oct 5, 2022

Have you lost weight only to find it creeping back up again? Do you feel like if you could just get to your goal weight, you could go back to eating whatever you want again? I used to feel this way until I realized that losing the weight was really only the beginning! Today on the Taste for Truth Podcast (links down below), I share eight tips for being successful in maintaining your weight loss.

Discussed on the Podcast

  • tips that I have personally used in my life to maintain my weight (for over 15 years!)
  • how we should see ourselves as mountain climbers when losing weight
  • getting realistic with how much food our bodies really do need in maintenance
  • how being "rigid" with boundaries is a good thing
  • recognizing that sacrifice will always be a part of our journey
  • the new lies that crop up when we reach the maintenance phase of weight loss
  • how trials always affect those of us prone to emotional eating

Resources Mentioned on the Podcast

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