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May 16, 2023

Most of us would agree that in order to have a change in our eating habits, we must first have a change in our minds! Yet, even knowing this, many of us still struggle to make the commitment to renewing our minds on a regular basis. On today's episode of the Taste for Truth Podcast (links below), I coach Tonya through identifying many of the lies that keep us from renewing. 

What We Discussed on the Podcast

    • Identifying possible stressors in our lives that would cause us to emotionally eat
    • How sometimes it's better to renew about emotions (or problems) we face in the day quickly to keep them from becoming really big emotions
    • How to be proactive in truth journaling
    • Why truth journaling is such a powerful tool for realignment
    • The idea that making a goal that makes your life easier (like truth journaling) is a strategic way to approach change
    • Some tips for having a really effective truth-journaling session (also found in Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating)

7 Lies That Keep Us from Renewing

      1. It's not going to work.
      2. I don't feel like doing it, so I shouldn't do it.
      3. Truth journaling isn't a fun way to relax, so I shouldn't do it.
      4. It takes too long.
      5. If I do it, it will make me not want to eat. (And I want to eat.)
      6. I'm too bad to go before God.
      7. I've messed up so God doesn't love me.

Resources Discussed on the Podcast





I will be taking the summer off from the Taste for Truth Podcast. I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I plan to put up some videos about emotional eating in the next few months. I also want to challenge you to make a renewing commitment for the summer... If you take a moment 2-3 times throughout your day to renew your mind whether by using one of the resources listed above, or simply by truth journaling, I have a very strong feeling that you will find it easier and easier to follow your food boundaries this summer!

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