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Apr 24, 2024

It's so easy in our culture today to get caught up in trying to find our self-worth in material things, money, our jobs, or the way we look. The idea of being skinny can be something that we begin to obsess over because we somehow think our identity is wrapped up in our appearance. This isn't what God wants for us and, consequently, also makes us very unhappy.  On today's episode of the Taste for Truth Podcast, we'll debunk 10 lies that perpetuate this skinny idol.

I also wanted to mention that I will be leading an online Bible study through my new Philippians Bible study in the month of May. If you're interested in finding out more and signing up, get the info here. I do think it is so helpful to go through regular Bible studies - even when you're trying to lose weight or be healthier - because we are getting more of the truth of God's word in our system (which helps us combat all the lies we believe that fuel our eating problems).  This particular book deals with many different topics in the book of Philippians, one of them being finding our identity in God. I hope you'll find it helpful!

What We Discussed on the Podcast

  • How our "Good Christian" list can adversely affect our self-worth
  • Different things we turn to to find our identity in rather than God
  • "I need to be skinny to be accepted."
  • "When I'm skinny, I'll be happier."
  • "People think I'm a loser because I'm overweight."
  • A passage in Philippians that reminds us what we cannot have confidence in
  • Some tips for truth journaling

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